Best Way to Keep Your Car Running

  • Don’t Drive –  the less you drive, the longer your car will last.
  • Make Short Trips – long trips can result an excessive tear and wear, because when your engine reaches its operating temperature the water will vapor and remove, either out  the crankcase ventilation system or the tailpipe.
  • Choose carefully when buying a new car – choose a vehicle company  that will last for a while and  has a good reputation. Also, be sure that they always have  a supplying parts available.
  • Drive gently – treat your car as if your own body, as what your car look likes reflects what you are.
  • Unload Extra Weight – avoid loading too much stuff on your car, as it demands extra load in the car engine which creates a suspension, braking and exhaust problems.
  • Regular Maintenance – Regular change of oil, fuel and air filter helps your car to make sure it has what it needs to run without problems: clean air and clean fuel, plus fresh, uncontaminated oil to prevent wear and tear.

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