Best car to buy your teenage girl.

When your daughter first passes their driving test the first thing you may want to do is wrap them up in cotton wool and hide all of the car keys. But there will come a time where they will want their own car. There are many ways to feminise a car, you could add pink cushions or even a pink steering wheel cover. However, below are a list of cars that every girl or boy will love without the added accessories.

1.Volks Wagen Polo

This is definitely the most popular car amongst teenagers at this current time. Volkswagen may charge a premium for their legendary build quality, but if you can stretch to a Polo you’ll be assured of a well made vehicle. It is clever, cute and seriously well put together car.

2. Ford Ka (new model 2010+)

This car has definitely become more popular amongst teenagers over the last couple of years. It is the perfect size for any young driver and offers all the space that they will need. It is a compact run around with a higher driving position giving great views of the road ahead.

3. Renault Clio

This has also become very popular over the recent years and it is a very reliable first time car. It’s best to go for a 1.2 litre to balance engine performance versus insurance cost.

4. Ford Fiesta

The car features an aerodynamic design and is extremely affordable, there is not much room on the interior of the vehicle, but the car has sufficient room for most teen’s needs while still having four doors to make passenger access easy for their fun trips with friends.

5.Toyota Yaris.

One of the cutest cars for teenagers is the Toyota Yaris. It is an extremely fun car to drive featuring quirky designs. It is extremely affordable when buying the base model, and it does extremely well when it comes to mileage.

6. Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is designed very similar to the very popular Mini Cooper, and it is one of the nicest cars on the market today for teenage girls to drive. The price for this vehicle is extremely affordable if cost is an issue for the teenager’s first car, and it is definitely an attention seeker.

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