The Perfect Grip – Why You Need a Steering Wheel Cover

Steering wheels are subject to constant wear. Many people drive for hours every day and during this time are griping and turning their steering wheel, which can take its tole on both the wheel its self and your hands. This is why it is important to protect your wheel from wear and to ensure comfort for these many hours spent traveling in the drivers seat. It is also a great long term investment as you will likely save money on a new wheel or help maintain the value of the car if or when you decide to sell it. In spite of all this, the covers can look great if you choose the correct one to complement your car and your personality, so there is really no excuse for not making the small investment!


How to pick a steering wheel cover

Firstly look at you car and consider what style or colour will enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle. If your are driving a black Range Rover, for example, thisĀ pink steering wheel cover would look slightly out of place. Whereas if you are driving a pink Yaris, then the matching cover would look awesome.

Next you need to think about the comfort side of things and wether the grip is up to standard. Some are covered in a velvet finish which may or may not be your thing, however, this type of material in experiences quick and visible wear so you might find you will have to buy more than once, decreasing the ecumenic value of this purchase. This being said, you are the one who with your hands on the wheel and who has to look at it every day, so if you want a pink fluffy wheel cover, well you should get a pink fluffy wheel and some massive rear view mirror dice to go with them.

In conclusion, you spend a lot of time driving, so you should treat your car like you would treat you bedroom. These small improvements will only make your life more pleasant and might even save you a few dollars in the ling run.

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